Unpredictable timeout of rapi2 tools.
Kal Sze
2012-06-26 09:41:52 UTC

I'm using SynCE on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. It works mostly fine, except
for the unpredictable timeout of the rapi2 command line tools that occur
when the connection between the Windows CE 6 device and the Linux machine
somehow gets interrupted (e.g. by physically unplugging the Windows CE 6

For example, if I use pcp to copy a 20 MiB file to the Windows CE 6 device
and (accidentally) unplug the Windows CE 6 device in the middle of the file
transfer, sometimes the pcp command would terminate almost immediately
(with an exit code of 1), other times it would take over 2 minutes for pcp
to realize that the device is no longer there, and still other times well
over 5 minutes would pass and nothing would happen.

I'm using the v0.15 series of SynCE and related RPMs available from
opensuse build service:

Could you look into it (i.e. make rapi2 tools aware of connection problems
in a reliably timely manner)? Would SynCE from built from the latest
version of the source have the same problem? I want to avoid relying on the
timeout command from coreutils because 1. coreutils is not necessarily
available on all machines; 2. giving an arbitrary timeout limit is
problematic if the file to be transferred happens to be legitimately large.

Best Regards,